Common Technical Mistakes to Avoid in Tennis

by Norma Brockman
Common Technical Mistakes to Avoid in Tennis

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Many tennis players make the mistake of setting excessively high expectations for themselves. However, if you don’t achieve perfection, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Start from scratch, focusing on the smallest aspects and progressing gradually. Remember, playing tennis requires dedication, time, and effort.

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Taking Risks in Disadvantageous Situations

In matches, especially in tournaments, you may find yourself in challenging or unfavorable situations. You might try your best to hit the ball, but it goes out or hits the net. In such circumstances, the best way to overcome this tennis mistake is to avoid taking risky shots and opt for safer options, placing the ball back deep into the court to conserve energy and regain control of the game.

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Unstable Mental State

In a game with winners and losers, it’s crucial to maintain a stable mental state throughout the match. Prepare yourself mentally and stay calm to avoid losing focus and stability.

Never attempt finishing shots when positioned behind the baseline. This is a technical mistake many players make due to impatience and a rushed mindset. To correct this tennis error, remain composed and execute neutral and safe shots during the match. When the opportunity arises, deliver precise and powerful shots to secure victory.

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Consistently Smashing Behind the Baseline

In tennis, the principle of smashing involves the racket face moving from low to high and then descending. Smashing behind the baseline can occur if you hit the ball late, causing the racket face to remain upward for an extended period.

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To effectively correct this tennis technique, it’s best to hit the ball earlier, ensuring the ball and racket face are pointing upward in front of you. Avoid dropping the racket behind or raising the forearm excessively, causing the racket face to tilt downward. This will result in a late contact and a weakened shot.

Hitting Balls Too Far or Into the Net

A common mistake among players is hitting the ball too far or hitting into the net. To address this technical mistake in tennis, choose the precise landing point and slow down your racket face. Loosen your wrist and execute the shot. Additionally, lift your head up when opening the racket face to observe the ball for a longer duration and avoid leaning towards it.

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Lack of Power in Shots

Insufficient power in shots is a common mistake. This happens when your wrist, forearm, and shoulders remain tense and lack flexibility. To correct this tennis error, relax your body and avoid excessive tension, especially in the body parts directly involved in generating power in your shots. Transfer the force from your entire body to your front foot (left foot for right-handed players) as you make contact with the ball.

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