Effective Solutions for Managing Sweaty Hands While Playing Tennis

by Norma Brockman

As tennis players, we understand the struggle of dealing with sweaty hands during a game. We have extensive knowledge in sports equipment testing, and we have found a solution to your problem. 

We are excited to share our latest discovery, the Gamma Sports Supreme tennis overgrip, which is the best option for players with sweaty hands. We understand that everyone has their own preferences, so we also offer a variety of options to choose from. Don’t just take our word for it, explore the options we have provided and find the perfect fit for you. Don’t let sweaty hands hold you back any longer, read on to discover what you’ve been missing out on!

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#1. “Get the Competitive Edge with Gamma Sports Supreme Overgrip – The Perfect Solution for Improved Ball-Contact in Tennis”

Experience the ultimate in tennis equipment with Gamma – a trusted manufacturer for players of all skill levels. Our products come in a variety of eye-catching colors, including black, blue, gray, pink, orange, and white. With our package deal, you’ll receive three essential items to get you started on the court. The total weight of our package is a lightweight 0.8 pounds, so you can easily take it with you to practice or matches. Don’t settle for subpar equipment that could hold you back from reaching your full potential. Upgrade to Gamma and elevate your game.

Introducing the Gamma Supreme, the perfect competitor for anyone seeking a comfortable cushioned overgrip. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners and amateur players who want to improve their performance. With extra thickness and softness, the Gamma Supreme absorbs force and vibration that can affect the wrist, resulting in remarkable ball contact. 

Gamma Sports Supreme Overgrip

Gamma Sports Supreme Overgrip

Additionally, users have reported that the product’s durability is outstanding, with some players using only three packs for up to two years. The Gamma Supreme boasts several other useful features such as excellent stickiness, absorption capabilities, and resistance to extreme temperatures. Don’t miss out on this great product!

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using the Gamma Sports Supreme Overgrip:


  • Offers exceptional durability, which makes it a cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Can fit perfectly on any type of handle, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Has excellent sweat absorption capacity, which helps to maintain a firm grip on the racket.
  • Easy to install without any hassle.


  • The extra thickness of the overgrip can add some weight to the handle, which may affect the balance and feel of the racket.
  • Compared to some other overgrips, it can be a little expensive.

#2. Best Overgrip for Humid, Hot Weather: HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip with Excellent Tackiness

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable racket grip tape, HEAD’s offering could be the solution to your needs. Available in black, blue, and white, this product comes in a pack of three, ensuring you have enough for your tennis equipment. With a weight of 1.06 ounces, it strikes a balance between a lightweight feel and a substantial grip. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the HEAD grip tape can provide the necessary support for a comfortable and confident grip during gameplay.

If you’re struggling with sweaty hands during your tennis games, the HEAD super comp racquet tape is definitely worth considering. What makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to handle hot temperatures and keep your grip steady, thanks to its elastomer material. You can count on this grip to stay secure in your hand, no matter how intense the match gets. Plus, its lightweight and breathable texture offer extra comfort for prolonged gameplay.

HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip

HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip

Another great feature of the HEAD super comp is its affordability. You don’t have to break the bank to get high-quality overgrip that performs well under pressure. It’s a smart investment that will not only enhance your gameplay but also save you money in the long run. 

So, if you’re looking for a reliable overgrip that can help you maintain your hold on the racket during heated moments, the HEAD super comp racquet tape is an excellent choice.

HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip – Pros and Cons

Are you searching for an overgrip that can keep up with your sweaty hands in humid, hot weather? Look no further than the HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip. This overgrip features an elastomer material that offers a steady grip, so you can play confidently without worrying about losing control.

One of the standout features of this overgrip is its ability to generate a dry finish, thanks to its effective sweat absorption. Plus, its light and airy texture provides exceptional comfort, so you can play for extended periods without experiencing any aches or pains.

However, one potential downside to this overgrip is that it lacks cushioning. But overall, the HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip is a top choice for tennis players looking for a reliable, budget-friendly overgrip that can withstand even the sweatiest of conditions.

#3. Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip – The Top Choice for Easy Installation

Wilson is a reputable brand when it comes to tennis accessories, and their ultra wrap tape is one that you should consider. One notable feature of this product is its easy installation process. With pre-cut and tapered ends, you can measure your racket handle’s length and wrap it at any desired length without the need for scissors. This feature is particularly useful during on-court installation when you need to act quickly.

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The ultra wrap tape is thin, which makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a lightweight feel when holding their racket. However, if you prefer a more substantial feel, this product may not be the best fit for you. The tape comes in a sleek black color and is sold in packs of three, with a total weight of 0.7 ounces. Overall, the Wilson ultra wrap tape is a reliable option that can enhance your grip and control during tennis matches.

Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip

Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip

Wilson’s ultra wrap tape is a great option for those who prioritize ease of installation. The pre-cut and tapered design allows for hassle-free wrapping without the need for scissors, making it an ideal choice for on-court installation.

The thin pattern of the tape may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it provides a lightweight feel that some players may prefer. However, for those who prefer a more substantial grip, this may not be the best option. Overall, the Wilson ultra wrap tape is a practical and functional choice for players looking for a straightforward and easy-to-install grip tape.

When looking for an overgrip that is versatile and easy to install, the Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip is worth considering. One of the standout features of this product is its pre cut and tapered ends, which make installation a breeze. This is especially convenient when you’re in a rush to get on the court and don’t want to fuss with scissors.

Another plus point is that the Wilson overgrip is suitable for use on multiple types of equipment, not just tennis rackets.

However, some users may find the grip to be too thin and slippery for extended use. It’s important to consider your personal preferences before making a purchase.

#4. Alien Pros Tennis Racket Grip Tape – Best Choice for Those Seeking Enhanced Hand Feel

  • Manufacturer: Alien Pros
  • Color: black, sky blue, neon yellow, neon orange, white
  • Number of items: 6 or 12
  • Weight: 1 ounce

If you’re searching for a replacement grip tape that won’t slip and isn’t sticky, Alien Pros is the way to go. Its light moisture PU material delivers a slim, comfortable feel and eliminates any chance of injury or discomfort. Additionally, its glossy plastic finish provides excellent grip support that responds perfectly to your every command. 

For those concerned about appearance, this grip tape comes in a variety of colors, from classic black and yellow to stunning sky blue, adding a touch of elegance to your tennis game.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Comfortable feel
  • Easy to set up the grip


  • It may get too thin

#5. ADV FeltTac Dry Tennis Overgrips – Say Goodbye to Blisters

ADV FeltTac is an overgrip that provides excellent sweat absorption, dry hold, and tackiness. It uses advanced FeltTac technology to keep your hands dry and allow for a natural grip. The three-layered design is lightweight, providing comfort during long play sessions. With six color options and available in packs of 12 or 30, finding the right grip is easy. The total weight is 4.3 ounces, making it a convenient choice for players looking to keep their racket light.

ADV FeltTac Dry Tennis Overgrips - Say Goodbye to Blisters

ADV FeltTac Dry Tennis Overgrips – Say Goodbye to Blisters

ADV FeltTac is an ultra-absorbent racket overgrip that stands out for its FeltTac technology, enhancing sweat absorption, natural dry hold, and tackiness. Its construction with PU materials ensures smooth and satisfying hits, while its lightweight three-layered design prevents discomfort during play. With ADV FeltTac, you can enjoy peak performance without worrying about blisters or sweaty palms.

The ADV FeltTac Dry Tennis Overgrip is a reliable solution for tennis players seeking a dry, blister-free grip with extra tackiness. Its multi-layer design and FeltTac technology provide a secure and comfortable grip, while preventing blisters and absorbing sweat. Available in a variety of colors with a lifetime warranty, the only drawback is its thickness, which might require some adjustment. However, the grip can be replaced for free if it feels slick. Overall, the ADV FeltTac Dry Tennis Overgrip is an excellent choice for players seeking a comfortable, reliable, and durable overgrip.

#6. Choose Wilson Pro Overgrip – the Preferred Overgrip of Professional Players

If you are looking for a tennis overgrip that offers a durable and reliable grip for your racket, the Wilson overgrip may be just what you need. Manufactured by Wilson, this overgrip is available in white color, comes in a pack of 12, and weighs only 0.18 pound. These specifications make it a great choice for tennis players of all levels who want a lightweight, high-quality overgrip to improve their grip and comfort during matches or practice sessions.

Wilson Pro Overgrip review

Wilson Pro Overgrip review

Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip – A World-Class Choice for Comfort and Absorbency

As a passionate tennis player, you must know the importance of a reliable overgrip that can provide you with the necessary comfort and absorbency during your matches. Look no further than the Wilson Pro, the go-to overgrip for world-class players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

With its soft and stretchy texture, the Wilson Pro offers a comfortable grip that’s perfect for players of all levels. Whether you have sweaty hands or just need a reliable grip, this overgrip delivers with its skillful features.

One of the standout features of the Wilson Pro is its high absorbency. Made with microfiber polyurethane material, this overgrip can quickly soak up any moisture, keeping your hands dry and sweat-free. Even in the hottest and most humid weather conditions, the Wilson Pro will help you maintain your grip and stay focused on your game.

If you want a world-class overgrip that provides both comfort and absorbency, the Wilson Pro is the perfect choice.

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, you want a tennis overgrip that can keep up with your game and withstand various weather conditions. The Wilson Pro Overgrip is a top choice for many well-known players for a good reason. Its microfiber polyurethane construction ensures excellent absorbency to keep your hands dry even in humid weather. Plus, it’s highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out too soon. 

However, the only downside is that it’s a bit pricier than some other options on the market.

#7. Pangda 12 Pieces Tennis Racket Overgrips – The Ideal Budget-Friendly Choice for All Gender Players

If you’re looking for a high-value, multi-wrapping set of tennis racket overgrips, the Pangda brand has got you covered. This set includes 12 overgrips in black, blue, pink, and multi-color options, providing a diverse range to choose from to suit your style. At just 2 pounds in weight, this set won’t add unnecessary bulk to your tennis bag. Made of top-quality PU material, these overgrips are highly durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. With these overgrips, you’ll enjoy an easy and effortless wrapping process, allowing you to spend more time on the court and less time prepping your equipment. Additionally, the adhesive pad ensures that the grip stays firmly in place, even during intense games.

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If you’re a tennis enthusiast, you know how crucial it is to have a reliable and cost-effective set of grips that suit your style. Look no further than Pangda’s multi-wrapping set, which boasts an array of colors and a pocket-friendly price tag. The set not only looks identical to those sold at your local club, but also performs its duties flawlessly, making it an ideal choice for both male and female players who use multiple rackets.

The Pangda set’s visual appeal is not its only advantage. The wrapping process is extremely effortless and quick, allowing you to fit your rackets with ease and get back to the game in just a few minutes. Moreover, the set’s top-notch PU material provides a thin, well-stretched surface that performs impeccably as an anti-slip grip. Additionally, the attached adhesive pad ensures that the grip stays put during even the most intense games.

Looking for a cost-effective way to keep your rackets well-gripped? Check out Pangda set of 12 overgrips, which offers not just great value but also a range of colors to suit your style. The wrapping process is easy and fast, so you can focus on your game instead of struggling with installation. Plus, the material is both thin and tacky, providing a comfortable and secure grip. And if you need to switch rackets frequently, having a dozen of these overgrips on hand is definitely handy.

However, there is one downside to note: the light-colored options are prone to getting dirty quickly. But if you don’t mind the occasional washing, Pangda’s overgrips are a fantastic choice for any tennis or badminton player looking for a practical and affordable solution.

#8. Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet Overgrip – The Solution for Heavy Perspiration

The Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet Overgrip is designed to meet the demands of heavy perspiration during gameplay. With its black color and pack of three, this overgrip is an excellent choice for those who prefer a sleek and simple design. It is lightweight, weighing only 1.06 ounces, which allows for comfortable use without adding extra weight to the racket. The Wilson Advantage Overgrip is a reliable and durable option for tennis players who need to keep their grip secure and comfortable during long matches.

Introducing the Wilson Advantage Racquet, the perfect solution for heavy perspirants who don’t want to worry about sweaty hands during the game. With this overgrip, you can say goodbye to the hassle of using antiperspirant cream before every match. Wilson Advantage Racquet features advanced technology and a soft, comfortable fabric that quickly absorbs sweat, allowing you to focus on your game without any distractions. This grip is ideal for playing in humid or hot conditions, ensuring a firm grip no matter the weather. However, if you’re on a tight budget, we recommend exploring other options on our list.

If you are someone who struggles with sweaty hands during a game, then the Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet Overgrip might be just what you need. This overgrip is highly durable and provides an easy-to-wrap solution for heavy perspiring individuals. The soft and comfortable fabric quickly absorbs sweat, ensuring a strong grip throughout your game, no matter how humid or hot it may be. However, the grip may not be as adhesive as some players would like, and it is a little pricier than some other options on the market.

#9. YONEX Super GRAP Overgrip – The Overgrip to Choose for Long-Lasting Durability

If you are searching for a highly durable overgrip for your racket, then YONEX Super GRAP Overgrip is an excellent choice. Made by one of the top brands in the industry, this overgrip boasts superior quality and is designed to last for a long time.

Available in classic black and white, this pack includes 12 overgrips, ensuring you always have a spare when you need it. At only 0.05 pounds in weight, it’s lightweight and won’t weigh down your racket, making it perfect for players who prefer a lighter grip.

Investing in the YONEX Super GRAP Overgrip means you won’t have to worry about replacing your overgrip frequently and can focus on improving your game on the court.

If you’re looking for a reliable overgrip from a reputable brand, look no further than the Yonex Super GRAP Overgrip. This brand is well-known among tennis enthusiasts, with a wide range of high-quality products, from clothing to equipment, including the Wilson Pro grip.

In fact, professional WTA player Angelique Kerber has even used this overgrip with her Yonex racquet.

One of the standout features of this overgrip is its durable construction, complete with cushioned sides for added comfort. Many users have reported that it’s stickier and more pleasant to use than other overgrips on the market, making it an excellent choice for those with sweaty palms. However, in extremely hot or humid conditions, there is a slight chance of slippage.

When it comes to the specs, the Yonex Super GRAP Overgrip comes in a pack of 12 and is available in black or white. It weighs 0.05 pounds, so it won’t add unnecessary weight to your racket. Overall, this overgrip offers a great balance of durability, comfort, and stickiness, making it a reliable choice for any tennis player.

If you’re in search of a durable overgrip, the YONEX Super GRAP Overgrip is definitely worth considering. With its long-lasting construction and thin texture, it’s a great option for players who want a comfortable and long-lasting grip. Installing it is also very easy and it absorbs sweat quickly, making it ideal for players with sweaty palms. The logo-free design is also a plus, and the long length of the grip can cover most racquet handles. However, one downside is that it may not be as absorbent as some of its competitors, which could be a concern for players who need a more sweat-absorbent grip.

#10. HEAD Pro Grip Racquet Overgrip – The Solution for a Thin and Comfortable Grip

If you’re looking for a reliable and lightweight overgrip for your tennis racquet, the HEAD Pro Grip Racquet Overgrip may be worth considering. This overgrip comes in a sleek blue color and is sold in a pack of one. Despite its lightweight construction, it weighs in at a sturdy one ounce. With this overgrip, you can expect excellent grip and comfort on the court, helping you to stay in control of your shots.

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If you’re searching for the thinnest overgrip, the HEAD pro grip racquet wrapping is worth considering. At just 0.45mm, it provides an incredibly thin and smooth surface that feels comfortable in your hand. What sets it apart is the sanded surface made up of thousands of micropores, which ensures exceptional sweat absorption and a firm grip throughout the game. The extra-long length of this overgrip is also worth noting, as it allows players to cover their rackets thoroughly and provides more room for two-handed players to perform their best.

If you are looking for a thin, soft-textured overgrip, the HEAD Pro Grip Racquet Overgrip may be a good choice. The sanded surface of the grip provides a comfortable feel and the extra length is helpful for two-handed players. The overgrip is also easy to install. However, it is important to note that it may wear out quickly.

Choosing the Best Tennis Overgrip for Sweaty Hands: Factors to Consider

Choosing the Most Absorbent Tennis Overgrip for Your Sweaty Hands

When choosing a tennis overgrip, the most important factor to consider is its absorbency. As players tend to sweat during a game, a grip that can quickly absorb sweat is essential to prevent slipping and ensure efficient performance. 

The better the absorbency, the less likely it is that the grip will become slippery, leading to a decreased performance. Using an overgrip with good absorbency not only prevents blisters but also helps in avoiding any accidental injury that may harm your overall performance. 

So, it’s crucial to choose an overgrip that has high absorbency to enhance your gameplay experience.

Choosing a Durable Tennis Overgrip: What to Consider?

When choosing a tennis overgrip, durability is a crucial factor to consider. Imagine how frustrating it would be if your overgrip suddenly tears in the middle of a game, causing you to lose the match. To avoid this, it’s important to choose an overgrip that can withstand the rigors of tennis play. 

Make sure to check the product’s specifications and ensure that it can last for at least 2 to 3 sessions. 

Tennis puts a lot of pressure on the grip, so it’s essential to choose a durable overgrip that can help you perform at your best.

Choosing a Tennis Overgrip with the Right Amount of Cushioning

When it comes to choosing an overgrip for your tennis racket, it’s not just about preventing sweat but also minimizing the impact on your wrist. That’s why the cushion of an overgrip is a crucial factor to consider. 

With more cushioning, you’ll experience less vibration in your shots, and the shock on your wrist will be reduced. However, keep in mind that too much cushioning can add unnecessary weight to your grip, affecting your performance. 

So, it’s essential to strike a balance between cushioning and weight, and choose the right level of cushioning that suits your racket and playing style.


What Are the Best Solutions for Tennis Players with Sweaty Hands?

Here are some suggestions for tennis players struggling with sweaty hands:

  • Purchase additional overgrips with excellent absorption capacity and durability.
  • Apply hand sanitizing gel before playing to keep your hands clean and dry.
  • Use a grip enhancer to improve your grip on the racquet handle.
  • Apply antiperspirant cream to your hands before playing to reduce sweating.
  • Wear wristbands to absorb sweat from your hands and prevent it from reaching the racquet handle.
  • Keep a towel nearby to wipe off sweat during breaks in play.
  • Use a rosin bag to improve grip on the racquet handle.
  • Wear appropriate clothing that is designed to wick away sweat.
  • Consider replacing your racquet if it is old or damaged and no longer providing a comfortable grip.

Does the Wilson Pro Overgrip Provide Sufficient Absorbency for Sweaty Hands?

The Wilson Pro overgrip is an excellent option for tennis players with sweaty hands. It offers an excellent level of tackiness that prevents your hands from slipping and ensures a comfortable grip throughout your game. This overgrip is highly recommended for players of all levels and can significantly enhance your performance on the court. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to your sweaty hands, the Wilson Pro overgrip is definitely worth trying.

Top Overgrip Choices of Professional Tennis Players

If you’re looking for an overgrip that’s trusted by some of the biggest names in tennis, Wilson is a brand to consider. 

Roger Federer and Serena Williams are just a few of the many high-profile players who use Wilson overgrips. Wilson offers a range of options, including the Wilson Pro and the Wilson Ultra Wrap. 

With such a strong presence in the market and backing from top athletes, it’s clear that Wilson is a brand that takes its overgrip products seriously.

What Are the Best Tennis Overgrips for Improved Grip?

If you are looking for a tennis overgrip that provides excellent tackiness, Gamma Sports Supreme is an excellent choice. Along with its tackiness, this product has many other benefits as well. Give it a try, and you will experience the difference for yourself.

Why Does Excessive Sweating Occur During Tennis?

Sweating is a natural response of the body to regulate its internal temperature when engaged in intense physical activity like tennis. As you move around the court and exert yourself, your body generates heat, which causes you to sweat. This process helps to cool down your body and prevent overheating.

Which tennis players are known for sweating the most?

Tennis is a highly demanding sport that requires a lot of physical exertion, especially in hot weather conditions. As players move around the court, their bodies generate a lot of heat, causing them to sweat profusely. Some players, like Nadal and Roddick, are known to sweat more than others, and it is not uncommon to see them dripping with sweat during matches. 

However, with the right equipment and strategies, excessive sweating can be managed effectively, allowing players to focus on their game without distractions.

Is Chalk a Good Solution for Sweaty Hands in Tennis?

Certainly! In addition to improving your racquet, there are other tools and materials that can help you better manage sweat during a game. One such item is chalk, which can provide an improved grip by absorbing moisture from your hands.


Choosing the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands can be a challenging task. However, after careful consideration, we have determined that the Gamma Sports Supreme is the ultimate winner. 

Although there are many excellent options available, the Gamma overgrip stands out due to its outstanding ability to control vibration and provide a tacky grip. 

If you’re seeking an overgrip that will give you a competitive edge on the court, the Gamma Sports Supreme is an excellent choice.

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