Volleyball Shoes vs. Tennis Shoes: Which Is Best for the Court?

by Jenny Byrne

If you’re on a tight budget, you may wonder if you can use tennis shoes for playing volleyball. While tennis shoes are specially designed to enhance a player’s performance, they might not be the best option for playing volleyball. Volleyball involves different movements, such as jumping, landing, and lateral movements, which put a different kind of stress on your feet and legs than tennis does. 

Therefore, using tennis shoes may not provide the necessary support, stability, and cushioning that you need for volleyball. However, if you can’t afford volleyball shoes, using tennis shoes is better than playing in regular shoes. So, keep reading to learn more about the differences between tennis and volleyball shoes and some tips for choosing the right shoes for your sport.

Can You Use Tennis Shoes For Volleyball: Things to Know

Choosing the Right Footwear: Why Tennis Shoes Are Not Recommended for Volleyball

Unfortunately, tennis shoes are not suitable for volleyball as the two sports have different requirements for footwear. Volleyball players need shoes with gum rubber soles to ensure better traction on the hard court, which allows for quick starts and stops without sliding on the polished floor. 

Additionally, volleyball players are constantly on their toes and need a shoe that allows for rapid lateral movements without the risk of slipping or falling. Tennis shoes were not designed with these features in mind. Volleyball shoes are also typically lighter than other athletic shoes to provide speed, agility, and control on the court. 

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Therefore, it is crucial for volleyball players to use shoes specifically designed for their sport to meet their playing requirements.


Is it safe to use tennis shoes for running?

If you’re planning to run or jog, using tennis shoes may not be the best choice for safety and comfort. While it may be fine for short distances and a leisurely pace, running shoes are specifically designed to provide the necessary support and cushioning for runners.

Running shoes have a unique structure that helps protect your feet from injuries while providing comfort and stability. On the other hand, tennis shoes are built for lateral movements and quick stops and starts, which are different from running. Using tennis shoes for running can lead to discomfort and potentially cause injury, especially on rough terrain or fields. Therefore, it’s recommended to use professional running shoes for running or jogging.

Are Tennis Shoes Suitable for Other Sports?

While it is possible to use tennis shoes for other sports, it is not recommended as a long-term solution. Each sport has its unique playing style, rules, and court surface, and using tennis shoes may not provide the necessary support, traction, or stability for optimal performance and safety. 

Therefore, it is advisable to invest in sports-specific shoes that are designed to meet the requirements of each sport. This will not only enhance your performance but also prevent the risk of injuries.

Is it recommended to use tennis shoes for gym workouts?

While tennis shoes are intended for use in the game of tennis, they can also be used for other light activities such as going to the gym. However, it is not recommended to use these specialized athletic shoes for frequent gym-goers. They lack adequate cushioning, support, and stability that are required for rigorous physical demands such as weight lifting. Therefore, it is best to choose shoes that are designed specifically for the activity you plan to do.

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Are Tennis Shoes Suitable for Treadmill Running?

If you plan on running on a treadmill, it is not recommended to wear tennis shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for lateral movements, such as those needed in tennis, and lack the necessary support for forward momentum during running. Running shoes, on the other hand, are lighter in weight and offer support and cushioning specifically for forward movement. Therefore, if you plan on running on a treadmill, it’s best to invest in a pair of proper running shoes.

Is it recommended to use tennis shoes for weight lifting?

To ensure safety and prevent injuries, it’s not recommended to use tennis shoes for weightlifting as they are not designed to withstand the stress and weight involved. Wearing the correct footwear during workouts is crucial, and not doing so can lead to discomfort, pain, and even injuries. It’s essential to choose shoes that provide ample support, stability, and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and protected throughout your workout.

What are the differences between volleyball and tennis?

When it comes to sports, tennis and volleyball are two popular options enjoyed by many people around the world. While there are similarities between the two, there are also some key differences to note. Volleyball, for example, is played on a large rectangular court with a net dividing the two sides. Teams of four players each use their hands to hit a ball over the net and score points by making it land on their opponent’s side of the court. In tennis, on the other hand, two players use rackets to hit a ball back and forth over a net. The winner is the player who scores two sets of six games within the duration of the match.

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What is the right fit for tennis shoes?

To ensure a perfect fit, your tennis shoes should not be too wide or narrow, too tall or short. A flawless pair must have a sole that can withstand the rigors of play while providing sufficient cushioning to protect your feet from the impact of running around the court. They should fit snugly, but not too tightly, to provide the necessary support without causing chafing or discomfort. Finding the right balance between a secure fit and adequate cushioning is key to a comfortable and safe game on the court.


Can you use tennis shoes for volleyball? Unfortunately, no. Tennis shoes are not suitable for volleyball because they lack the specific features that volleyball shoes have, such as gum rubber soles for better traction on the hardcourt, lightweight design for speed and agility, and support for lateral movements. While you can use tennis shoes for other activities like jogging or going to the gym, they are not recommended for rigorous physical activities like weightlifting or running on a treadmill. 

We hope this information helps you find the right shoes for your sport. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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