John McEnroe’s Tennis Racket: The Dunlop Max200G

by Norma Brockman

John McEnroe, one of the greatest tennis players in history, made a significant impact on the sport with his exceptional skills and controversial behavior. Alongside his talent, McEnroe’s choice of tennis racket played a crucial role in his success. In this article, we explore the Dunlop Max200G racket, the one McEnroe used throughout his career. We’ll delve into its features, advantages, and specifications, shedding light on why it became synonymous with McEnroe’s style of play. Let’s dive into the world of McEnroe’s tennis racket!

The Dunlop Max200G: A Legend’s Choice

The Dunlop Max200G tennis racket gained prominence as John McEnroe’s preferred weapon on the court. Produced by Dunlop, a renowned British tennis equipment manufacturer, this racket was known for its exceptional power and performance across the court.

Dunlop Max 200G racquet - Dunlop — Google Arts & Culture

Key Features and Specifications of the Dunlop Max200G

  • Construction: The Dunlop Max200G is made of a blend of titanium and graphite, providing a sturdy and lightweight frame.
  • Balance Point: The racket’s balance point is set at 200 grams, offering excellent maneuverability and control during gameplay.
  • String Pattern: The Dunlop Max200G features an open string pattern of 16×19, delivering added spin potential.
  • Grip Size: The racket comes with a 4 1/8-inch grip size, providing comfort and a secure hold for players.
  • Frame Sizes: The Dunlop Max200G is available in two frame sizes: 85 square inches and 90 square inches, catering to different player preferences.
  • Weight: This racket weighs 12 ounces, striking a balance between power and maneuverability.
  • String Tension: The recommended string tension for the Dunlop Max200G ranges from 87 to 149 pounds, allowing players to customize their racket’s performance.
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Advantages and Considerations

The Dunlop Max200G offers several advantages for players:

  • Power: The open string pattern and well-balanced design provide players with exceptional power and explosiveness in their shots.
  • Spin Potential: The string pattern enables players to generate significant topspin and enhance their shot placement.
  • Maneuverability: With its lightweight construction and balanced design, the racket offers excellent maneuverability and control during gameplay.

While the Dunlop Max200G has many benefits, it’s important to consider the following aspects:

  • Control: The open string pattern may require players to refine their technique and precision to fully control the ball’s trajectory.
  • Power for Beginners: The Dunlop Max200G’s power and responsiveness might be overwhelming for beginner players who have yet to develop their stroke consistency.

Where to Buy the Dunlop Max200G

The Dunlop Max200G can be purchased online from various retailers, including popular platforms like Amazon and eBay. Additionally, dedicated tennis equipment websites such as Tennis-Point offer this iconic racket for purchase.

John McEnroe’s choice of the Dunlop Max200G tennis racket was instrumental in his successful career. This legendary racket, known for its power and precision, complemented McEnroe’s style of play and contributed to his exceptional on-court performances. Whether you’re a McEnroe fan or seeking a high-performance racket, the Dunlop Max200G offers a piece of tennis history combined with impressive features. Embrace the power and control that McEnroe experienced with this iconic racket and elevate your game to new heights.

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